What you can do

Contact us

If you support our changes, let us know. A few words in our Contact Us form or by email to info@predatorymarriage.uk is very much appreciated!

If you know of anyone in a similar situation to us, get them to contact us. The more cases we know about, the stronger our case for change becomes. And it is just possible that we can offer some advice.

Write to your MP

We already have support from many MPs from all political parties. The more MPs are aware of our campaign, and the more support we have, the better. This is especially helpful as we are working to get our changes back into Parliament.

You can find out all about how to contact your MP at www.writetothem.com or www.parliament.uk/get-involved/contact-an-mp-or-lord/contact-your-mp.

Spread the story as wide as you can

Many people do not know that a marriage revokes a Will, and until we can change this, it continues to lead to emotional pain and financial loss for so many families. Just knowing about it might mean a family can take action before it is too late.