Law Commission Consultation on Wills

The Law Commission has opened a consultation on Wills: specifically asking if marriage should revoke a Will (along with the possibility of electronic Wills). Of course this is one of our goals: to ensure that a marriage does not revoke an existing Will. If you support this change please go to and say so. […]

From a previous judgement

This is from the 2012 case of A Local Authority v AK & Others, involving a man, AK, who had a brain injury and was declared to have lacked capacity to marry, where the Judge said this: “This case has thrown up the role of Registrars and of the registration service when a borderline-incapacitated […]

Welcome to our new website!

We are very grateful to Imogen Campbell who designed and created our website back in 2017. She did a fantastic job and has really helped our campaign to be taken seriously. The website was getting rather out of date so we have now altered it slightly and moved it to a different hosting provider to […]

Daphne’s Talk about Predatory Marriage

I have put together a talk about our case and Predatory Marriage in general and was beginning to give the talk regularly to people in Law and Safeguarding before the Covid pandemic. At the moment, however, I am delivering the talk online and if you think it would be useful for your organisation, do please […]